About International Ballet Theater Institute

IBTI is dedicated to enriching the lives of all students from the very young to adults & Seniors, with special attention toward students who are especially gifted in Ballet, in a range of dance styles and theater arts preparing for careers as professional artists, collegiate programs or to expand their knowledge of the arts to enrich their life.

Our mission is to encourage academic excellence as well as provide elite artists for professional world class companies. IBTI is known for nurturing artistic excellence and quality; meaningful presence of mind, the thought and action that will serve to enrich the life of each student regardless of their future career choices.

The faculty of IBTI have trained, coached, directed and choreographed for renowned world class artists in top companies , theaters and academies around the world such as ABT, the Bolshoi Ballet Theater, top Universities and Colleges and prepared young professionals  for Film, TV, Broadway and  Athletic Arts.

IBTI Inter-net Education, Outreach, Touring, Performance and Exchange Programs are committed to making high caliber art available to students in local communities, nationally and in other countries.


Distinguished Instructors, Quality Curriculum.  Small Classes, Individual Attention.

 IBTI is dedicated to enriching the lives of all students from the very young to adults, professionals &  Seniors in a variety of specific programs.    Avocation programs for Boys & Girls age 3- 6, youth 7- 12, Teen, age 13-18, Adult Men & Women, and Senior Programs for aspiring artistic students & dance as an activity.

The IBTI environment is caring and friendly and has a full range of proprietary programs for students of all ages that instill the love of art and learning, self-discipline and an eagerness to seek new knowledge, serving to enrich the lives of our students forever. Personal attention and care is lovingly given to each student.

IBTI curriculum includes Russian Classical Ballet, Character, National & Folk Dance, Dramatic Arts, Contemporary, Social/ Ballroom, Fine & Technical Arts, Group Edutainment & Enrichment Classes as well as theater arts and culturally themed academic programs.  Mind/Body, therapeutic programs, dance fitness and nutrition and dance history/culture are also available and integrated to all divisions at every age.

Preparatory/Professional Program

Participation is determined by a highly selective audition process. This program immerses the aspiring artist in a highly personal, individually attentive and intensive program designed for rapid progression, precise technical acumen, greatly increased artistic capabilities and stellar stage technique.

The School's exceptional faculty, individualized attention, unique proprietary programs, vibrant, nurturing environment and the success of its past students span the globe.

The directors and faculty provide the individual attention, care, and support that are needed to guide, assist and mentor each student to surpass their goals and achieve their absolute personal best.

IBTI staff and faculty have a reputation for top pre-professional and professional training programs. The primary goal is to produce elite, classically trained artists with versatility in a range of dance styles and cultures to prepare for the World's stages.