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International Ballet Theater Institute                                        

A 501c3 California Corporation, members CID, Council of International Dance, UNESCO.                     

Our Institute features exceptional faculty and unique proprietary programs with a meticulously developed curriculum that is based upon the Russian School.  Our distinguished instructors provide the individual attention, care and support to mentor students to their goals.                                                                                                        

We are dedicated to world class arts education, training and performance.  High caliber arts training is the innate core of human development at every level; a basic building block of human intellectual and social development. Early arts training is the key to unlock a vibrant future today and for generations to come.                     

High caliber training, education and performance has the power to synergize, unite and transform people,education and communities.

              International Ballet Theater Institute, 4 1.2 W. Pine Street, Lodi, CA 95240                           (209) 403-3897, (209) 334-1974, 


Distinguished Instructors, Quality Curriculum, Small Classes, Individual Attention
Open Avocation Division:
IBTI is dedicated to enriching the lives of all students from the very young to adult professionals through preparatory avocation programs for Boys & Girls, Men & Women, Age 3- adult in our avocation division.  Programs for aspiring artistic students with extraordinary talent are available at the 9- 23 age levels in our preparatory, professional divisions.
Preparatory to Professional Divisions:
Participation is determined by a highly selective audition process. This program immerses the aspiring artist in a highly personal, individually attentive and intensive program designed for rapid progression, precise technical acumen, greatly increased artistic capabilities and stellar stage technique.
The school's exceptional faculty and unique proprietary programs that focus upon individualized attention in a vibrant, nurturing environment is the base of a highly successful program that results in high caliber artists with aesthetics, stage presence, plasticity and the ability to express themselves in styles from classical to contemporary to ethnic.
The faculty has a reputation for top pre-professional and professional training programs with a comprehensive, well developed cumulative curriculum featuring a logical progression that is intensive and innovative, based upon the positive placement, alignment and correction of the Russian School.  Stretching and strengthening programs and mind, body, injury prevention training is innate to the unique curriculum. The primary goal of the school and performance company is to produce elite, classically trained artists with versatility in a range of dance styles and cultures to prepare our young professionals for the World’s stages.
The faculty provides the individual attention, care, and support that are needed to guide, assist and mentor each student to surpass their goals and achieve their absolute personal best.
We are dedicated to world class Arts education, training, and performance. We sincerely believe that arts training is the innate core to human development, the basic building block of human cultural and intellectual development at every level; the key to unlock a vibrant future today and for generations to come.

The arts captivate imaginations and communicate to the very core of the human soul, with an effect and impact upon the human beings that no other communication can offer.  High caliber arts education, training and avant-garde, dynamic performance have the power to synergize, unite and transform people, education and communities the world round.

The value of one performance truly exceeds thousands of words and communicates what cannot be communicated by spoken word.  Art speaks directly to the human soul, with the power to transform each individual and at the same time, humanity as a whole, in untold grandeur ways.  The arts truly are the great communicator, the motivator toward harmony and the harbinger of a brighter future.  The arts successfully create a synergy between human beings; a thread that weaves humanity together as a whole, giving meaning to the essence of our existence and providing a woven network of harmony amongst humanity. 
Soar to the greatest heights, experience the power and rewards of world class Art; Enroll Today!

Alexei Badrak, Founder Director

Artistic Director, Pedagogue, Choreographer, Coach
Mr. Alexei Badrak is a graduate of the St. Petersburg Conservatory and Ukraine Choreographic School..He is laureate of  the Moscow Competition of Ballet Masters and the First Award of the United Theater Artists (1986, Moscow).  He was director of the Nishni-Novgrod Opera and Ballet Theater, Assistant to Artistic Director Yuri Grigorovich,  The Bolshoi Theater, founder and director of Russian Chamber Ballet (a superstar , world touring company of the USSR under the auspices of Y. Grigorovich and The Bolshoi Ballet Theater) and most recently is the co-founder  of the International Ballet Theater Institute Inc., a 501 c3 not for profit organization in the USA, since 1997.
He is a ballet master, artistic director and chorographer employing the world-renown Vaganova Methodology. This method of training is used in Russia and is well known as one of the greatest methods to renowned dancers. In order to learn the method, the greatest teachers study at either the Lunacharsky State Institute of Theatrical Arts in Moscow, or at the Choreographic Department of the Conservatory in St. Petersburg (formerly Leningrad).  Mr. Badrak studied at both institutes and obtained from St. Petersburg Conservatory an M.A.  in Choreography with a specialty in Artistic Direction (Theater Management).
He completed course work for his Ph.D. , 5 years,  (Soviet) at the State Academic Bolshoi Theater in Moscow, specializing in Choreography  with Yuri N. Grigorovich, the director of training and is a PhD. Candidate in art History at the Saratov State conservatory, Russia.  Mr. Badrak is an author and lecturer as well. There are very few individuals as well qualified in the world as Mr. Badrak, now working in the United States, who have completed that level of intensive curriculum training with the vast experience and award accolades that Mr. Badrak possesses.  Mr. Badrak is entered in the Encyclopedia of Russian Ballet and the Encyclopedia of Ukrainian Ballet.  He is an all Soviet honored and awarded choreographer and director with many classical, contemporary and original choreographic works for stage, television and film.  Mr. Badrak has developed his own unique training curriculum in Character and Classical Ballet based upon the Russian methodology, ethnology and technological innovation.

What Irina Dovorenko, Former Principal Ballerina, American Ballet Theater, has to say about Mr. Badrak:

It's my opinion that Mr. Badrak is an Artist of the highest creative magnitude, an innovative and prolific Choreographer and Director who extracts and captures the true essence of the individual artist. Mr. Badraks choreography represents the highest level of aesthetics and incorporates the purest, most expressive means to produce exquisite choreography that speaks to the very core of the Human soul. His multiple talents as a Choreographer, Director and esteemed Academic certainly place him in the highest echelons of International Ballet Theater Arts today.