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International Ballet Theater Institute                                        

A 501c3 California Corporation, members CID, Council of International Dance, UNESCO.                     

Our Institute features exceptional faculty and unique proprietary programs with a meticulously developed curriculum that is based upon the Russian School.  Our distinguished instructors provide the individual attention, care and support to mentor students to their goals.                                                                                                        

We are dedicated to world class arts education, training and performance.  High caliber arts training is the innate core of human development at every level; a basic building block of human intellectual and social development. Early arts training is the key to unlock a vibrant future today and for generations to come.                     

High caliber training, education and performance has the power to synergize, unite and transform people,education and communities.

              International Ballet Theater Institute, 4 1.2 W. Pine Street, Lodi, CA 95240                           (209) 403-3897, (209) 334-1974,